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Bruce Willis on the One Show and what else?

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Old 13-02-2013, 18:37
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I receive regular updates for an online auction website; for sale a copy of Lance Armstrong's comeback 'novel' - it's not factual. is it, really? - for 750! Pre drug scandal, maybe; anyone who pays 3/4 of a grand for what is, fundamentally, dreamed up, false narrative signed by an admitted drugs cheat is mad! Bargain basement material, imo!
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Old 13-02-2013, 19:50
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Nobodys novel is worth 750.00... and the only one Id want to read is Mohammed Ali's ... still wouldnt pay 750 for it tho
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Old 13-02-2013, 19:52
Scarlett O Hara
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Someone who'd pay that much for a novel that isn't some kind of first edition antique or something either has enough money for me to be jealous of, or is a complete nutcase.
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