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Lovefilm stopped working

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Old 09-02-2013, 17:18
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I'm really rubbish with this stuff, so please excuse my ignorance.

We recently got rid of Sky and bought a Freesat + box. I want to subscribe to NetFlix but only if we can watch it on our TV. Do I need an Xbox or a SmartTV to do this or will the freesat box do the job??

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Old 09-02-2013, 17:29
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As far as I know, you can't watch Netflix on Freeview. You would need a smart tv or a netflix ready device:

List of Netflix-ready devices:[96]
Amazon Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD
Apple Apple TV set-top box, iPad, iPhone, iPod[97]
Barnes and Noble Nook Tablet (preinstalled) and Nook Color (optional app)
D-Link Boxee Box set-top box[98] (Only supports Netflix USA and Netflix Canada, according to the company it will never support Netflix in other countries.)
Insignia Blu-ray Disc players and home theater systems
LG Electronics Blu-ray Disc players, TVs (LH50 series LCD and PS80 plasma), and home theater systems
Logitech Revue Google TV Buddy Box
Microsoft Xbox 360, (Xbox Live Gold Subscription Required)[99]
Nintendo Wii,[100] Nintendo 3DS[101] and Wii U
Panasonic Some Blu-ray Disc players, televisions and home theater systems
Philips Some Blu-ray Disc players and TVs[102]
Popbox set-top box (announced)
Roku set-top box[103]
Samsung Some Blu-ray Disc players and home theater systems[104]
Seagate FreeAgent Theater+ HD Media Players
Sharp Some LED/LCD TVs and Blu-ray Disc players[105]
Sony Blu-ray Disc players, TVs, Google TV devices, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita[106]
TiVo DVRs (HD, HD XL, Series3, Premiere and Premiere XL boxes)[107]
Viewsonic VMP75
Vizio Some Blu-ray Disc players and TVs
Western Digital WD Live plus Media Player
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Old 09-02-2013, 17:30
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No. You need another box.

Just bought a LG BP620 Blu Ray player and that is wireless and has smart applications including Lovefilm, Acetrax and Netflix.

Only eighty quid.

Netflix works very well.
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Old 09-02-2013, 17:49
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The freeveiw box is a humax, which lets us watch Iplayer, ITVplayer etc... Does that not make it a 'smartTV'??

Sorry if these are really dumb questions!
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Old 09-02-2013, 20:52
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There is no such thing as a dumb question GOGO2, only dumb answers.

Anyway, it is likely you will need a new box to access Netflix. The good thing is, Netflix runs on a phenomenal range of hardware, but as you are suspecting, not your current Humax freeview box.

Your freeview box has some "Smart TV" qualities, but without the ability to download new apps, it is missing one of the main ingredients to call it smart.

One of the cheapest boxes people like than runs Netflix is the Roku. I think the cheapest goes for around 50quid and will get you 720p, but not 1080p. This for most people is still good enough.
You won't get much else out of the Roku box though in the UK besides the iPlayer and Netflix, but you already have this. OK, you also get Crackle, but that's nothing to write home about since you will be subscribing to Netflix.

If you have an iOS device, you may consider an Apple TV. It costs about a 100quid, or the same as the higher end Roku. On it's own, it also doesn't have much for UK TV, well, even less since it really only has Netflix - but it's a great interface for Netflix. The real killer feature happens if you have a relatively recent iOS device (iPhone, iPod or iPad) as you can Airplay a large range of apps across to your TV and it works great. By Airplay, I mean you can control certain services on your iPad or iPhone like the BBC iPlayer and then it will stream the video wirelessly over to your TV through the Apple TV. Some of the apps that work with this is really good.

If you are looking at buying a Blu-Ray player, this could be another option. Samsung is often the best to go for smart apps in the UK as they offer the most useful apps. Though you will have to be careful exactly which model you get. Samsung don't make it easy and some models have loads of worthwhile apps, whilst others have virtually none at all.

Or, you could invest in a whole new smart TV. In my opinion, that is a bit expensive unless you really want a new one. I'd stick to either a Roku or Apple TV, but which to get there is anyone's guess. If you have an iOS device, maybe the ATV is better. If not, you may be better off with a Roku.
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