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Tesco launch "Clubcard TV" - Free Streaming Service to rival Netflix & Lovefilm

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Old 27-09-2013, 13:53
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If this is in the wrong section please forgive me. This seems the best place for it.

I hope someone can help please. I cannot get the online Sky Race Control to work for me.

The mini screens show and they just circle round continually like they are trying to load.

I have spent 45 mins on the phone to Sky (at their expense) troubleshooting this and have had no luck.

I have tried a new installation of Silverlight. A clearing of cache etc so Sky Go recognises it as a new device. Have tried 3 different browsers on 2 different machines.

Sky suggested it was an ISP issue, I have confirmed it is not as I know others locally on that ISP that say they can connect. I have recently had a new router due to issues with my other one and that didn't help either. I didn't think changing the router would have made a difference but I could but hope

It has never worked for me and I am at the stage now where it is something I want to access.

I have no issue with Sky Go or any other online player.

I hope someone can please give a suggestion of how I can try and access it.
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