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The Hotel :: Channel 4 :: 8pm :: Part 2

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Old 26-06-2014, 20:23
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I decided to watch this as I enjoy wildlife programmes and I do like Alson Steadman as an actress

What a mistake to make. She is the patron of RSPB I believe but the whole programme instead of concentrating on the wildlife and birds mainly consisted of her moaning about the cold and the rain. She had no enthusiasm at all, no passion, very disappointing
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Old 29-06-2014, 14:58
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I thought I had already posted on a thread on here about this

Anyway. Yes agree with you about her moaning about the cold. I would have loved it there.

The show was not what I expected either. Seemed to be a free dream holiday for Alison who had always wanted to visit the Shetlands and then didn't like the cold and moaned most of the way through. She even looked pee'd off at the Otters Shame as with the right presenter it could have been a good show.
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Old 29-06-2014, 15:11
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I didn't watch it, I was not optimistic about it so just did not bother.

They should sent her across to Fair Isle on the boat, that would just about finish her off!

Shetland is a beautiful place but it is windy!
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