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What are the sexiest movie kisses?

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Hi folks,

I'm trying to recall a film that I watched as young adult - I must have seen it sometime in the late 80s or early 90s. It wasn't a mainstream movie but I can't seem to get the name of it.

I'll tell you what I can remember:-

It was set in the 1950s and had a very 50s Roy Orbison type soundtrack. (Searches on the various Roy Orbision songs lead nowhere).

It began with a kid about 15 yrs old being driven in a red convertible cadillac type car by his parents to some sort of kids home or camp out in the rural south of America in summer time.

He had short dak brown hair, tanned and was a bit chubby.

Once there he befriended another kid who was skinny and good looking - playing a bad boy character - again I can't place the actor - but I guess someone along the lines of a River Pheonix/Johnny Depp type.

At the end of the film all the kids are hanging out and partying in a large hay barn - drinking and smoking - and somehow the barn ends up burning up in an almighty blaze - maybe from a rival gang of kids in the area (?).

Does any of this ring any bells with you?

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