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Need help with a new TV

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Old 15-02-2013, 03:19
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I hope one of you kind people can help me here. Basicly i am looking for a new tv. I want it to be 3D and 1080p. As for size, i want no smaller than 42 but i have a 46 at the moment and its a great size for my room. I'd prefer passive but i am open to active too. Top price is around 500 though. I could stretch that a tad more but ideally i'd like under.

I currently have a Samsung 46" LCD and it's been perfect, still working brilliant today but I just want to upgrade, as I have so many 3D movies sitting now, that I'd like to watch.

The one concern, was I would go from 46" down to 42" that i would notice the difference as when I bought that tv about 5 years ago, i HAD a 42" and i did notice a big difference in the size increase.

One TV that has caught my eye, is the LG 42LM3450 for 450. Looks good and has many good reviews.

Any opinions?
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