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Which day of the week does your comic shop receive new issues?

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Old 15-02-2013, 15:51
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I'm specifically talking about the latest, weekly US deliveries (Marvel, DC, Image etc).

I know some UK comic shops get them on Wednesdays but other are still Thursday or Friday.

Just curious as to when your local shop puts out new issues.
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Old 15-02-2013, 16:27
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Wednesday for all 4 of the comic shops that I know of.

When two of my best friends were CS managers (different shops in different parts of the country) I got the impression from stuff they told me that shops who say they get their deliveries on Thurs/Fri are either blagging (to give them time to organize the shipment) or have somehow not got a 100% good relationship with Diamond (late payments or unproven new customers etc.)
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