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Old 15-02-2013, 23:36
Ted Cunterblast
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Classic, but little known movie from 1973.

Jack Nicholson and a very young (18) Randy Quaid star in this Hal Ashby directed movies, about two Navy guys given the job or 'detail' of escorting a young recruit aross the state to be court martialled.

It was one of the first X movies I had seen, and the language really shocked me at the time. Swearing pretty much all the way through, which was not common back then.

It has a classic performance from Nicholson, as a weary, jaundiced navy veteran called 'Badass' Budusky. This was Nicholson in his absolute prime, and of course he pretty much steals the movie...but Randy Quaid holds his own very well.

It's kind of a road movie really...the sailors realise that the young kid has been given a harsh sentence for a petty crime, and decide to take a few detours and show him a good time, get him drunk, laid etc.

Though there are moments of violence, there is also a lot of humor and pathos.

Probably seems old fashioned and a little sentimental by todays standards, but I think it's a decent movie, and Nicholson fans should enjoy it for sure.
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Old 16-02-2013, 09:48
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I liked this film as well, one of Nicholson's decent earlier performances, its definately his film, without him it would not have been that great at all.

classic scene: -


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Old 16-02-2013, 09:49
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Aye, it's a lovely little gem of a movie Ted.

The first time I had seen Nicholson in anything (on TV, would have been a kid) so this has always been my favourite JN movie. Also loved Randy Quaid since.

In fact the less people that know about this movie the better, I want it all to myself.
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