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Old 21-02-2013, 21:33
Rusty Sheriff
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As the title says - we do not have a front garden and live in a mid terrace so can often hear a lot of noise from cars parking on our front and neighbours coming/going we can hear their front door slam shut all the time.

My parents westie barks all the time from people running walking past the house - would this not make it a good idea if there's lots of noises outside?

Is it normal for terrier dogs to bark at every little noise or can they get accustomed to it if introduced to it at an early age?
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Old 21-02-2013, 22:32
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We've got a Scottish terrier and the only time he barks is when we take him out for a run and he wants you to throw a stick for him
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Old 21-02-2013, 22:36
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We have cairns that are a similar breed to a Westie (only difference is their colour) and they rarely bark at anything. They're very placid, quiet dogs. Well until they see a squirrel they can chase that it. People outside don't bother them.
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Old 21-02-2013, 23:09
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My mother-in-laws westie barks at everything...but i think its more to do with them letting her (and even telling her to 'get em') rather than the breed.
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Old 22-02-2013, 00:06
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We have a westie JR cross, we love him to bits he is the best natured most lovable dog in the world, but bark!! he barks at the slightest noise when a letter comes through the door he runs from wherever he is in the house barking his head off, we have tried everything we can think of, NOTHING will stop him, he hasn't got a bad bone in his body we can let anyone in, there will be a brief period of barking a few sniffs and then they will be invited to throw his ball, SHOULD they throw his ball, they are trapped and if it was up to him they would never be allowed to leave, or to stop throwing his ball,

but barking.... he is very good at it,,
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