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Pixel Village - rts/city builder/tower defense combo

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App Store link

The price is $0.99 and the game is apparently compatible with every iOS device in existence.

App Store description:

Build a village in the wilderness that not only can survive, but thrive.

PixelVillage is a new retro-style game, that combines the love of real time strategy, city building games and tower defense style games into one.

* Unlock and build Cultural, military, magical, food production, industrial and quest related structures.
* Explore the 7 act storyline, with more campaigns to follow.
* Challenge yourself to earn magical artifacts, that can improve your leadership abilities.
* Fight goblins, skeletons, necromancers, sea serpents and the very nature of the hostile island.
* Trade in bread, honey, leather, magical items, wool, weapons, armor and lots of other resources.
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