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Sennheiser HD25 replacement?

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Old 18-02-2013, 06:24
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My tried and trusted HD25s died on me tonight after 8 years of service. My first thought was to buy a new pair but im now thinking some over ear headphones may suit me better.

HD25s have been the best cans iv'e owned but they are expensive and it seems over ear headphones may give me the bass that the HD25s lacked. Have checked out some online but would like to hear peoples suggestions, no more than the 150 I would spend on new 25s.
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Old 18-02-2013, 09:20
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Sennheiser. That is all you need to know. Just buy a pair that take your fancy at whatever budget you set yourself.

For example


I have yet to find a poor pair of Sennheisers even their cheap models sound good. I have an old pair similar to the 558s still going strong and sounding great after many years use.
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Old 23-02-2013, 10:01
David (2)
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very happy still with my HD485s
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