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Humax HDR 1Tb disk problem

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Old 20-02-2013, 11:51
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This is for info, as I've solved the problem. I just wondered whether anyone else has had something similar.

A friend called me with sick HDR - one I had upgraded to 1Tb for him a couple of years ago with a WD10EVVS. He had been away for some time & left the recorder with a record schedule set up, including series records. When he got back & switched it on, it came up asking to re-format the disk Unfortunately he did so, and lost all his recordings. So he brought it round and asked if I could recover any of the recordings. Anyway, I took the disk out, put it in a eSATA caddy & plugged it into my Linux box. All 4 partitions took many seconds to mount - much longer than normal. I was hoping that the inode tables would be intact so I could recover the files, but unfortunately re-making a ext2/3 filesystem zeros all the inode tables so all reference to which blocks belong to which files is lost
I interrogated the SMART diagnostic stuff on the disk but that didn't look unusual, and a SMART test passed OK. When I re-created the ext3 filesystems the transfer rate was very low. Eventually I ran mkfs.ext3 -c -c ..., which does a complete bad blocks write/read check with 4 different patterns before creating the filesystem (took over 24 hours on the large partition!), and now the disk seems to be behaving itself perfectly. I did wonder if it was a temperature issue, as his house would have got quite cold whilst he was away. Certainly it was working well once it got really warm.
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