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Sorry for the grim title..

Basically for about 6 years now i have constant phlemg.

Its literally constant, as soon as i wake up, HAVE to blow my nose, every day, no joke about 100 times a day. It sound crazy it best comes out when im not around anyone and i hold one nostril and just snort it out the other. It must be about half a pint a day every day if not more. Its embaressing, people actually call me sniffer.

Its not in my throat, well i dont think anyway. I rarely have to spit it out its mostly nose, and mainly but not always one nostril. Its bizarre and i literally cant live with it anymore and i dont know what to do.

Before anyone says go to the doctor. I have. Twice. A couple of years ago i had enough, got referred to ear nose and throat after a rediculous wait. Had a scan, and after having to ring up myself for the results i was told that there was a thickening but thats it and its nothing to worry about? A thickening where? Well i had my sinuses scanned so must be there somewhere. Went twice, had a nose anti biotic spray, nothing.

I have had my nose broken a couple times and its a bit crooked, i just cant remember weather it started before or after my nose got broken. But thenb again it was like it when i went to the docs and also when i had my nose bleeds they inspected my nose and didnt say anything so cant be the nose canals or whatever you call them? lol

Ive tried cancelling out certain foods, ect, nothing. Im at my witts end with it, its a massive part of my life and it shouldnt be!

Anyone had problems similar? Any natural remedies maybe? Anything that helps? Taaaa
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