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Journey from Hell. WR Rolepay!

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This role play will be set around the week of Toms Funeral.

Start On Monday, Funeral is the following Sunday.

I'll start off.

(Boarding House)

Maggi put the telephone down.

Maggi: Thank goodness for that.
Harley: Thank goodness for what Mrs Budgen?
Maggi: I've managed to get two more people to come to Toms funeral pet but you dont know them.
Harley: Who are they anyway?
Maggi: Chlo, Toms daughter and somebody called Steph Haydock never heard of her though.
Grantley: (spits out tea) Steph Haydock. This is going to be an interesting funeral. Steph, Chlo, Janeece Bryant and Karen Fisher in the same room it will be like the ruined reunion
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