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People's favourite foreign language films

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Old 28-02-2013, 18:26
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Just watched this film now. Not enjoyed a film this much in such a long time. It stired so many emotions in me. The ending is absolutely heartbreaking though, ineviable, but still heartbreaking. I desperately wanted a happy ending, that's what made it so brilliant

With the dvd came a second disc, a film called The contestant, the debut of the director. Anyone know if its any good and a synopsis?
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Old 01-03-2013, 12:13
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well you have ruined it for any one who hasnt seen it now

brilliant film though yes
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Old 01-03-2013, 13:25
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I'm not sure why anyone would go onto a thread about a movie that has been out for years and not expect there to be spoilers, really.

But yeah, a very good film, and the tension is racked up throughout. It's an example of what Reynolds can do when he steps out of fluffier roles.
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Old 01-03-2013, 16:23
Jay Bigz
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Great film.

An ex-girlfriend bulldozed me into renting it for us, as I wasn't keen on the concept.

After it finished she complained that it was rubbish, as it was just about 'a man in a box' (no shit sherlock) whereas I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Good original film, with a very harrowing plot - the though of being in that scenario yourself is what nightmares are made of....
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Old 01-03-2013, 20:37
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I thought it was amazing. Ryan was heart-breaking. Difficult to watch at times.
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