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The Cook, the Thief, his Wife and her Lover(on today on Film 4 at 22:50 btw.)

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Okay, I was looking on a website and I saw a plot and photos from the movie, its annoying because I can't find anything on it now!! But anyway, the movie seem's quite good. About a couple who are trapped in Hollywood, and it shows different fews from different people in the movie, Such as a news reported (camera) a tourist (mobile?) And not much was said about the rest. But there was a photo of the monster trashing the Hollywood sigh, the monster is killed from the start but somehow the monster set a nest of its eggs. So I guess baby monster attack the city? The diractor says the movie was something that Cloverfield, Skyline and Battle LA wasn't. Its Big Budget and is meant to be out at the start of next year. NOW I can't find nothing on it! But it seem's fun!!!
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