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Kiefer Sutherland

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Old 20-03-2013, 01:27
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I wish Kiefer Sutherland would finish with he's latest tv series drama (Touch) and film 24 movie.

I really miss 24 and want Jack Bauer back in action

Anyone agree with me?

I haven't seen touch yet but going to buy it on dvd very soon.
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Old 20-03-2013, 01:55
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I wasn't aware any new 24 stuff, movie or otherwise, was ever going to happen now...
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Old 20-03-2013, 19:43
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I liked series 1, 2 and 5 of 24. I wasn't too impressed by the others. I think the format had been done to death by the time the show ended. I'm not sure about a movie, I'd probably rent it. I wasn't so keen on 24:Redemption.

I quite liked Touch, although it got a bit boring towards the end of the series.
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