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The Hangover 3

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Old 12-06-2013, 22:13
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Missed it when it was released at cinema and besides didn't get to my local
Released on dvd now
Worth it anyone ?
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Old 12-06-2013, 22:24
thedarklord _
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It's well made I'll give it that. Though I doubt it's an accurate account of Bin Laden's assassination as the CIA made the writer Mark Boal redraft the script

I think by the end of the film you can tell how one sided the film is.
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Old 13-06-2013, 00:28
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I agree it's well made, and I thought it was interesting, and not a bad way to pass nearly 3 hours. It's obviously not completely honest though, but anyone expecting it to be is a little naive as it is recent events involving the CIA we're talking about - secretive by nature. I don't think it's as much of a propaganda piece as it's been accused of being though.

The performances are fine, I don't think Jessica Chastain is award-worthy outstanding in it, but she deserved the nominations she got, it's a solid performance.

I don't think it's worth buying on DVD though, it's the kind of movie I'd see once then have no desire to watch again. So rent it, it's worth seeing, but don't bother buying it.
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Old 13-06-2013, 09:24
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I loved it, thought it was really well done and interesting
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Old 13-06-2013, 11:24
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Excellent film.
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