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Why do X-factor acts always release singles so close to each other

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Old 24-03-2013, 14:32
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Next month Little Mix, Amelia Lily 14th April, Misha B April 28th.

I know they are all competing with each other but I suppose it would maybe be better if there was unwritten rule they didn't clash so closely with each other to give them all a good chance of success which looks better for the programme

This is still the success stories of 2011 and doing pretty welll at becoming artists in their own right now so I assume any artists of 2012 may release to clog things up even more.

I suppose there is not a place for everyone and some will fall inevitably by the wayside this year, possibly some of the 2012 crowd
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Old 24-03-2013, 15:01
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Amelia Lily really needs this next single to be a success, so I imagine she is more at risk than any of the 2012 contestants at this stage (I don't know too much about Misha, but I am also under the impression she isn't an amazing success but is doing well enough).

But as for the 2012 ones, from what I have gathered the release schedule is shaping up to look like this:
Jahmene's album at the end of April
James Arthur first single in May, album in June
Ella Henderson: I don't think I've read anything even approaching concrete to do with release dates, but she wants to release a single in summer and the album shortly after
Union J first single in June, album before Christmas released at the end of the year after a second single

We could potentially see a few singles in June then, if Ella releases hers in that month as well, as well as James' album.
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Old 25-03-2013, 01:36
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Well even this past fall. Jls/1d/LM/olly . I think it's about $$&$.

I'm not suprised James is releasing this summer. He probably has loads of old stuff being updated and probably wrote with the X factor crew during show.

I'm worried about Jaheme album so soon.
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Old 30-03-2013, 20:36
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Janet Devlin's album is out at the end of may.
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Old 30-03-2013, 21:03
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How Ya Doin'? is now out 5 May
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Old 30-03-2013, 22:42
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I thought it had to do with the strange fact that more music get sold during oct/nov/Dec than the rest of the year (especially beginning of the year), so they release their albums during that time frame + it's an opportunity to promote on the X factor...

Just my opinion however...
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