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Updating BT wifi on the iPad

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Old 26-03-2013, 19:32
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Just had notification on my iPad saying I need to update this. But when I try to do this I get the odd message "the item you are trying to buy is no longer available".

What's that all about? Do they? Will they? Can but shan't?

I'm confused!
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Old 27-03-2013, 00:04
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Think they've withdrawn the update, mine was doing that earlier
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Old 27-03-2013, 22:51
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You are lucky,
I managed to update yesterday before they removed it,
Now it won't connect... As its not been tested properly
And there is no way of rolling back
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Old 28-03-2013, 00:40
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What is this about then? Updating your BT homehub from your tablet?
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Old 28-03-2013, 15:45
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I think BT in this case is Bluetooth.
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