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Another dodgy tesco telly

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Old 27-03-2013, 19:58
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Hi all ,hope to get some good news advice about a Tesco tv I have.

We had to unplug it to move it while decorating ,plugged it in a few hours later got the "do not turn power off -scanning screen."

If I mess about turning it of and on or unplugging /plugging back it ect it will eventually come on but its taking longer each time.

Is it bad news? The tv is a 46 inch, it was only 250 as it was exdisplay, so I would only get that refunded ,obviously they wont want to fix it ,( its less than 6 months old to us).
Is it a prob that an independent repair company could fix?

cheers for any tips/advice.


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Old 27-03-2013, 20:24
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Take it back and get a refund
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Old 27-03-2013, 20:50
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^^^^ What he said
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