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80's TV Programme.

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Old 09-04-2013, 19:08
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There was a programme shown here in Ireland in the 80's that was made by ITV or BBC, I cant remember which. It was set in a hospital during some war. There used to be a good looking nurse in it who fancied herself big time and also liked the men to be fancying her. Sometimes when someone was brought into the hospital with injuries, she would suggest at times that she take her top off and cut it up to make bandages. I don't think she ever did. Does the programme sound familiar to anyone and do they remember its name.
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Kenny Everett's Cupid Stunt ?????
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There was a very funny series called "Brass" in the 80s which was about two families in a northern mining town. One family working class.The other was headed by the rich mine-owner.

One of the children of the rich family ( The Hardacres) was a nymphomaniac who may have been a nurse ( I can't remember) but she would definitely have done something like rip her blouse up for bandages.As soon as I read that bit in your post I thought of Isobel Hardacre in Brass.

Here's a little clip to jog your memory ( if it is "Brass" you're thinking of)

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