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Playstation Move Navigation Controller?

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Old 18-04-2013, 17:08
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Has anyone else has trouble charging one, i got an official playstation move charging dock when i bought the move

and its been a while since i played on it, but i bought virtua tennis today and both the move and navigation controller needed charging

The move controller started charging straight away but the navigation one wouldn't charge in either slot, i then tried charging it directly via a USB and it worked

Has anyone else have any problems with charging move accessories?
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Old 18-04-2013, 21:15
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Nope mine still works with nearly 1000 hours on it.

3 plays through KZ3,3 Resistance 3, 1 Portal 2, 800 hours of KZ3 multiplayer for me

The boys have done Sorcery and some KZ3 MP
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