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Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie Gravy tonight

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Old 21-04-2013, 18:03
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do you make your own gravy, if so how do you do it?
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Old 21-04-2013, 19:09
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I love making gravy. It's never quite as good as my mum's gravy, which is the BEST FOOD ON EARTH BAR NONE, but it's still pretty good.

I only ever make gravy for chicken. Roast a chicken (with an onion, a quartered lemon, some garlic and a stock cube inside it), then lift it out and let juices drain. Then stick tray on the hob and heat, add some flour and cook it out, add a bit of water (and/or white wine) and cook a bit more. Season if necessary and that's it.

I love to spread cold gravy on bread the next day too, to make a leftover chicken sandwich. Yum.
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Old 21-04-2013, 19:30
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Just made a full roast chicken dinner for us all, so made the gravy from the meat juices. Drain off nearly, but not all of the fat from the roasting tin into an old mug. Put the tin back on the hob and stir in a heaped wooden spoonful of plain flour, scraping up all the crusty bits of residue as you go. After you've done this you end up with a thick roux to which you then add about a pint of stock. Stir it all the time over a low heat, until it starts to bubble. I added a drop of gravy browning, a splash of wine, and after the carrots and cabbage were done I added some of their cooking water to the gravy as well. Check for seasoning and there you go - plenty of fab gravy for four with some left over to freeze. The fat that you pour off into a mug at the start - let it cool, cover with clingfilm and store in fridge. Use it to fry eggs, onions etc. - adds extra flavour and keeps for ages !
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Old 21-04-2013, 19:38
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I make it in the sense that I put the Bisto Best into a cup, pour on boiling water and stir it

To be fair though I use the meat juices instead of water if I have any juices, eg from a roast
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Old 22-04-2013, 09:57
Toby LaRhone
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If you're prepared for a bit of effort this recipe is superb.
We made it in advance at Christmas, loved it so froze some for Christmas Day (I got a pack of wings from Sainsburys.)
My only caution - star anise may not be to everyone's taste.
It's just a hint and omitting it won't harm.

Or video:
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