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Lindsay Lohan - it gets worse

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Old 22-05-2013, 21:07
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Yes that would certainly help & you're right, although hopefully not on the last bit. It is sad but I must admit I am running out of sympathy for her as she just seems so arrogant (although probably much to do with unresolved issues). I feel like banging Dina & Michael's heads together as you're right it is tragic but also frustrating
I didn't mean that to sound like she should be pitied - I have no sympathy for her, just bored to death with her and her delusional drama - but I just hate the way the media and the courts are treating it as an ongoing soap opera. If they ignored her, and people stopped indulging her, she'd be forced to do something about her problems. As it is, she has no reason to change. And her loathsome parents can't be blamed for everything, she's an adult, responsible for herself.
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Old 22-05-2013, 21:58
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Saw that, hope they fail as if you take her on as a client you pretty much know what to expect & her reputation-case of shutting the stable door once the horse has bolted IMO
I hope they fail also, for the same reasons.

Pathetic of them.
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