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Russ Williams 20 years at Golden Square

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Old 07-05-2013, 17:41
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Do you mean the shopping centre in Warrington?
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Old 07-05-2013, 20:19
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Does anyone remember Euro boy? Also, didn't he used to have a Mick Jagger impersonator occasionally phone in?
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Old 07-05-2013, 21:51
The Difference
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There's a really nice article about Russ Williams and his 20-year stint on Absolute Radio on the Radio Times website. I'm not sure if it is in the print edition, I hope it is though: http://www.radiotimes.com/news/2013-...e-same-station

I'm not a regular listener to Russ or Absolute in general, but he's someone I always enjoy hearing when I am listening to s show he is involved in. I think he does an excellent job on Rock 'N' Roll Football on Saturday afternoons and was so pleased when Absolute kept faith in him as their football anchorman rather than bringing in someone else upon winning live Premier League commentary rights in 2010. He's more than proved his worth and is one of the best sports presenters on the dial in my opinion. I also liked his cameos on talkSPORT a few years back and enjoyed his run hosting ITV's snooker coverage in the late 1990s.

He's a top class broadcaster and I hope he has many more years on Absolute to look forward to.
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