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Deanna Durbin dies

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Old 11-05-2013, 07:44
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Cyril, 'Spring Parade' is on YT in its entirety. I watched it a few weeks ago with my youngest (who loved it too)

It's a wonderful film, with wonderful performances.
For some utterly stupid reason, a legal one as usual - the "Rights" to this film were lost - the only reason this copy, a 16mm one exists, it was presented to Deanna's parents & "Somehow" a fan obtained access to it, made a copy - a quite good one - that you are now watching! I'm sure a good 35mm copy or even a positive master, still exists in Universal's archive.
It should be properly released on DVD for all of Edna mae's many fans - worldwide to enjoy.
Meanwhile, a link to America & Always be an England is here:
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