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Jurassic Park 3D

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Old 14-06-2013, 18:02
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Saw a trailer for this when watching Man of Steel.

I thought the 3D was better than any other 3D I've seen.

Still, nothing beats the 3D effect in the IMAX introduction thingy before the movie starts.
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Old 23-08-2013, 16:22
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JP3D was released today!

I was at the first screening today at the IMAX and wow....AMAZING. Visually JP3D is stunning, considering this movie is now twenty years old I still feel it still sets the standard for CGI. The movie really lends itself well to the IMAX - in some scenes such as the T-Rex attack I felt as I were there. Also, after years of watching JP on VHS and now DVD I had forgotten just how incredible the score and cinematic sounds are.

If you get the chance go see it, I believe it is on a limited run of just one week in most IMAX cinemas.
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