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Manipulative production to sir bruce Forsyth.

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Old 31-07-2013, 00:34
Tall Paul
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This mark linsey fella is to me a bit like Richard Desmond on channel 5, both guys have zero time for ethics - hence picking the presenters what they like when they like.
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Old 17-08-2013, 00:50
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Thereís not only Brucie but a whole show to watch.

An ineffectual gang on DS banging their heads against a brick wall year after year and stropping about him hasnít registered anywhere. Brucie is the one SCD want so like it or lump it's a Brucie bonus and heís fronting the show for another year.
Well, it's OK folks, this year you can just leg it over to ITV to see the competition "Shall we dance?" without the ghastly Brucification.

But for non-Mainland viewers that will be a problem, as not all of us can get ITV.
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