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Old 16-06-2013, 23:11
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Hi there,

I've just invested in a new TV (Samsung UE46F6510) and Sky HD box and am looking to replace my Panasonic SA-MT1 home cinema system. I've got the following criteria:

-Price up to around 250 max
-5.1 surround (unless there's a better alternative)
-Blu-ray with 3D playback

The amazon review are great for the LG BH6220S which I can get for 150, but professional reviews are poor. I never use games consoles or anything so I was going to just connect the opical out from the Sky to the unit. This isn't perfect as I won't be able to use it with the freeview on the DVD, but this only happens when the wife is recording 2 programmes at once!

I also like the look of the Panasonic SCBTT290 which has the benefit of HDMI in, but people complain that you have to switch it on and select TV everytime. The BTT490 and 590 are also (budget stretching options).

At the moment I'm leaning towards the LG BH6220S for 150. Any thoughts?
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Old 16-06-2013, 23:38
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ive just orded this from amazon for 180

where can you get it for 150
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