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Blu ray that plays MKV/MP4 via hard drive ?

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Old 21-06-2013, 15:37
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I have quite a lot of movies in either AVI, MKV or MP4 format, I know there are a few TVs that will play back this format from an external hard drive but are there any Blu-ray players that will play these formats through the auxillary function. I currently use a PS3 for Blu-ray but do find it quite noisey so thinking of changing
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Old 21-06-2013, 16:09
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My LGBP620 does it with only the occasional misfire.
Some Freeview boxes will also do it but with much less reliability.
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Old 21-06-2013, 17:31
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My son uses an external hard drive on their Sony S390, seems to play everything they throw at it.
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Old 05-07-2013, 16:05
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You could always try Universal Media Server to play through PS3

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