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Celebrity Privacy

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Old 27-06-2013, 12:48
Just Vogue
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Depends entirely on the celebrity.

There are plenty of talented celebs who manage to have a private life and a successful career - Cate Blanchett, Johnny Depp are just 2 examples.

Then you have the Z listers who rely SOLELY on media attention to make money in the absence if any talent - Katie Price. She would shrivel up without media attention.
I agree, there is a difference. However it is unfortunate that the mass media don't seem to acknowledge this difference.
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Old 27-06-2013, 12:59
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I do think celebrities should have privacy. Just because they have job which means they are sometimes on television/in films etc, doesn't mean that every aspect of their lives should be laid out in public. Obviously, there's a lot of interest in them from fans etc. and if they choose to share certain things then that's up to them, but as someone said above there isn't a God-given right for the public to know every little thing.

The only thing that does bother me is the z-list celebrities who force us to endure every far end of a fart splashed all over OK! magazine/Daybreak/the Daily Mail but who when they do something stupid or embarrassing and are criticised/mocked over it they start crying about privacy.
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