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4G on 800 MHz - Radio User article on interference

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Old 29-06-2013, 07:02
Phil Dodd
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Freeview TV viewers may be interested in an article in the July 2013 edition of Radio User magazine ( in newsagents such as Smiths until the last Thursday of July, and possibly in your local library if you still have one... )

The article is entitled "4G on 800 MHz", and deals with the issue of potential interference to Freeview higher channels, from the 800 MHz 4G allocations.

Because of a good deal of uncertainty amongst the public at large ( for instance in forums such as this ), the authors of the article, Keith Hamer and Garry Smith, have put a considerable amount of information together, and over seven pages have produced a very detailed expanation of what might happen, who will be affected, and what TV viewers can do to minimise the problems.

I'd therefore recommend anyone concerned about the changes coming, to take a look at the article. Good luck and happy viewing !

P.S. disclaimer - this is likely to be the only posting that I make to this forum, as I haven't had a TV since 1984 and have no interest in it - just trying to be helpful ! All the best ! Phil
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Old 29-06-2013, 11:36
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Just got back from Smiths with that magazine,got it just because of that article.
Only just saw your post though,at least the reader is more likely to get an informed view of this subject from Radio User,than from the likes of the Daily Mail .
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Old 05-07-2013, 09:59
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4G at 800MHz 'to interfere with Freeview signal in major cities'

Thursday, July 4th 2013 by Nigel Adie
Launch of 4G at 800MHz could affect Freeview reception in major cities, warns at800
A list of areas in which Freeview services could be affected by the launch of 4G has been published by at800.

Freeview households in parts of Birmingham, London, Manchester and other major cities are potentially at risk of losing reception when 4G super-fast mobile broadband services in the 800MHz band go live in the coming weeks, according to at800.

The body, which was established to mitigate the impact of new 4G networks on Freeview services, published a list detailing the areas that could be affected by the rollout.

Wish they would make their mind up as to if it causes problems, also had no letter in my area
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