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3DS (not XL) console deals

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Old 15-07-2013, 13:39
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Are their any good normal 3DS bundle deal out their. I had a quick look and they all seem to be for the 3DS XL.
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Old 17-07-2013, 22:50
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I bought mine recently, and I'm sure Argos were doing an offer where if you bought a 3ds, you got a certain game for free. I didn't like any of the games though, and this was about a month ago, so it may have changed. That's all I can remember.
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Old 19-07-2013, 00:45
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I saw an advert today for the 3DS or XL and a free copy of Mario Kart in Tesco. I have no idea how much but I assume it will be around 140 for it.
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