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Cancelling T-Mobile Contract

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Old 21-07-2013, 20:07
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I phoned t-mobile to cancel my contract yesterday.
My contract has less than 1 month to go from tomorow and i was told even though i am on the 8 half price deal when i give my pac and switch over to 3 before the end of my contract i will therefore pay full price for the last month.

Is that true cos i have already paid for it iin advance and dont wanna get another final bill of 7something.
or did they just bluff me to stop me leaving before the end of the contract which ends 22nd august.
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Old 21-07-2013, 21:59
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Why don't you just phone them tomorrow and ask them to clarify?
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Old 21-07-2013, 23:42
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If you cancel early, you definitely lose any loyalty discounts - cancellation charges are based on the line rental and therefore don't factor in discounts etc.
But if you've already paid your final month I'm not sure how that would work.

Are you sure you've paid your next month in full?
It's unusual for the billing cycle to line up with the end date of a contract.
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