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Sub 100 camcorder

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Old 28-07-2013, 10:19
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Can anyone recommended a very cheap camcorder, sub 100? I'm not asking for the world, but it would be nice if it performed decently in low light.

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Old 28-07-2013, 16:53
Chris Frost
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There are lots of different ideas of what constitutes good low light performance. Good low light performance usually means a big lens for gathering lots of light and a large image sensor to convert it to pixels without adding loads of noise. Those are generally features of far more expensive camcorders.

TechRadar did a summary of what it considered to be the best camcorders at the beginning of 2012. You might start with that as a tool for drawing up a short list. LINK

There's other info if you Google: LINK
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Old 28-07-2013, 17:55
evil c
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This Samsung Q10 is good for low light and cheap but still 40 over budget: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Samsung-Q10-...rds=camcorders

Pro review: http://www.expertreviews.co.uk/camco...amsung-hmx-q10

Youtube reviews: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sXQZ84euV54
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Old 28-07-2013, 18:08
David (2)
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maybe use a good quality smart phone - you may already have one, to do the job of a cheap camcorder.
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