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o2 - not for much longer!

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Old 29-07-2013, 17:44
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The last time I was able to use my phone, was sunday 21 july. So you can imagine my surprise when I received an email, telling me I couldn't use it again, until 04 August, unless I bought more data, as I had used it all. I have always been an o2 contract customer, and ought to be able to access the internet via my smartphone. I contacted o2 online chat as, obviously, I couldn't use the phone. I was online for ONE HOUR yesterday, with teo different indian reps, neither of whom knew anything technical at all. After charging, I managed to contact o2 on my mobile this morning, and was told to take it into the o2 shop, and they would return in to samsung for a condition report and, if necessary, repair. It seems as if the handset is faulty, but the lady I spoke to insisted I was using the phone, inferring I was lying to her. Anyway, I did as she said, and took it into the store. They couldn't find the id number of my phone on the system; "where did you buy the phone?" said the girl. "I didn't, it's a contract phone, and I got it direct from o2". "Are you sure?" she said. "Of course, every time my contract is nearing it's expiry date, I call to upgrade and renew." "You sure you didn't get the phone from one of our partners?" said she. I reiterated it was o2 direct who supplied me with the phone. "Are you sure?" says she. Again, it sounds as if I am being called a liar. Understandably, I feel, I am beginning to become rather frustrated at their treatment of me, when she said they can send it away, but I will have to pay for it. What? The lady from o2 I spoke to this morning, said it was still under warranty, and o2 would send it away for me. I told the girl this; "Are you sure you spoke to o2?" I asked to speak to a manager, to be told to calm down, as she is trying to solve it. Eventually, after speaking to another indian guy on the phone, whho couldn't find the number either, another girl said they would send it away for me. "Will I be charged for this?" "No", she said, none too convincingly. I could have had a loan phone but, quite frankly, I no longer trust this company. My expectations of a result are none too high; my contract expires 04 september this year and, one thing is certain, I won't be an o2 customer on the 5th. I have read many complaints about o2, but had always had excellent service from them. Between the online advisors, and the rude girls in the o2 shop, customer service has been appalling. I was made to feel undervalued and inadequate. A while ago, I filled an online employment questionnaire for o2, the result being that I did not meet the criteria they are looking for. Thank goodness for that! I have submitted an official complaint but, again, I don't expect a satisfactory resolution. Can anyone recommend another network?
p.s. sorry for the rant!
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Old 29-07-2013, 17:55
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Good and Bad in all the networks if you ask me.
As for changing networks bottom line is it depends what signals are best for you in your area.
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Old 29-07-2013, 18:14
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tbh, All UK networks customer service suck, and it seems its all to do with luck.

me for example i was with 02 a few years ago and didn't have a single problem, but had serious problems with Vodafone, and now with EE who's customer support is also bad from my experience.

Good Luck
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Old 29-07-2013, 18:43
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Sometimes, it's a case of "better the devil you know." Literally.
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Old 29-07-2013, 18:57
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Paragraphs, please!
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Old 29-07-2013, 20:10
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I'm leaving o2 very soon not because of bad customer service or anything, It's because they won't or can't be flexible on the sim pay monthly price plans they have, The three times I have spoke to someone they have one thing in common & that is they are hacked off with the company you can tell, Capita is the name in question o2 staff being sold down the river after being great with customers building the brand etc, So I got my pac code & I'm off I feel sorry for the staff Telefonica should be ashamed of what they have done to o2, But my quess is the company don't give a damn anymore
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Old 29-07-2013, 20:28
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I'm thinking of leaving o2 too. Not because of poor customer service, or because of expensive tariffs, because I'm getting a great deal.... But because their 3g / data coverage is woefully inadequate!!
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Old 29-07-2013, 20:42
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Paragraphs, please!
Yeah, I gave up reading the post because of that! LOL
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Old 29-07-2013, 20:46
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Move to Three, you can get true unlimited Internet aswell. Brill mobile provider, highly recommend.
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Old 30-07-2013, 00:07
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is tesco mobile the exact same as 02

i no they share networks but do one get more priority>
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