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~~~Selling the last of my collection

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Old 29-07-2013, 20:39
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Is there any place that anyone can suggest I sell my books?
Ebay i know about but I really hate auctions and fees.

I have about 35-40 books total, some that are moderately valuable (Peter Parker #1, Silver Surfer #1 oneshot, Bugs Bunny Dell comic from the 50s etc.)

I am looking to sell about 10 of them individually and the rest I can sell at a bundle since they are all worth about 4 pounds each.

They are all books from US that I brought over with me but I need to sell them since I need some money and they are just siting in a box and have been for over 10 years.

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Old 29-07-2013, 21:21
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Silver Acre will probably take everything you have off your hands: http://www.silveracre.com/newsite/Buying.htm

I've dealt with them many times as a buyer and they've been very good.
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