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Old 07-08-2013, 00:24
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Last week I bought a PAYG £15 all-you-can-eat SIM, and I can’t get access to the 3 network. The SIM is recognised and I’m automatically registered on the relevant network. APN settings are OK, yet there’s no connection – no identification. of the number or network, and I couldn’t register the number on the website.

A replacement SIM is in the post (excellent - no questions asked - support by the 3 team on Facebook).

I was wondering whether the SIM was defective or not, so I popped my 3 mobile broadband SIM into my phone and it worked perfectly (by this happy accident I now choose tethering over pitiful, prehistoric mobile broadband, as I have access to my mobile broadband 3GB data allowance on the phone). But I want to try this all-you-can-eat SIM to discover just how 'unlimited' is unlimited (ways and means of getting around tether block)

I shouldn’t have to activate a PAYG SIM, should I? Anyway, I tried to activate it, but like registering, it refused to accept the number.
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Old 07-08-2013, 00:41
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Tethering on my 3 PAYG works perfectly, I used 220GB and 250GB in 2 separate months when I was staying round for 2 months at a friends house which we all were connecting too. I believe that's unlimited enough for a mobile connection.
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