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CHVRCHES Appreciation Thread

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Old 14-03-2014, 16:06
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Everyone knows Gala's Freed From Desire - the track of the nineties that dominated dance floors across the globe and stacked up a host of international awards. In the last month alone the song has been used for the new Nissan advertising campaign, imitating Gala’s original music-video storyboard of which she says she is ‘truly flattered’.
More notably still German pop sensation Frida Gold has sampled the hook in her recent chart toping anthem Liebe Ist Meine Rebellion, generating new interest from a younger generation of fans in both the original song and artist. By whatever route Gala has landed in your life, we are certain she has offered more than a little dance relief. It is therefore our great pleasure to have Gala back and more determined than ever, armed with a gloriously addictive single Taste Of Me.
Listen to the single here:

If any of you have any interesting clips, photos or remixes & music related to Gala please share them in this thread. I will try and add to it as often as possible.
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