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Old 20-08-2013, 21:24
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I was too young to read Action but caught up with it later both online and with the annuals. It had a very violent reputation which was richly deserved off the comic but the annuals toned things down considerably. Dredger was my favourite, a ruthless secret agent in the Bodie and Doyle mode. Hookjaw was by far the most popular strip cashing in on the Jaws craze and it scared the life out of me, the sheer gleeful sadism of it was appalling.

Warlord was ok but very much an old fashioned war comic. I remember I couldn't stand its' title James Bond like character Peter Flint whose use of terms like 'Old Fruit' annoyed the hell out of me. The annuals were excellent however and I loved Harrier Squadron (ASBLOC vs WESFED) and its' naval equivalent hydrofoil story 'Bligh of the Fasture'.

Victor was also old fashioned but had a wider range of stories, including sports tales such as 'Tough of the Track'. I think my favourite aspect was their true life war storys on the cover telling how people won their medals, they actually frame and display them in some army messes.
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Old 26-09-2013, 15:44
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I was never a fan of Victor but loved Action and read them all from issue 1 till it finally joined Battle and also used to read Warlord.

My favourite Action story was Death Game 1999 (and later Spinball), but I also liked Hookjaw, Look Out for Lefty, Dredger, Helmann of Hammer Force and Kids Rule OK.
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Old 03-10-2013, 13:26
Mr Sirs
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Action comic - the sevenpenny nightmare! Banned indeed!

Great comic - got every issue from the first through to the last before it meged with Battle. Fantastic stories, the annuals I gave away but a few years ago managed to buy every year back from Amazon/Ebay.

Long gone, but never forgotten!

Other comics:- Never really was into Warlord as I wasn't so keen on an out and out war comic, Victor was older fashioned but thoroughly enjoyable - managed to buy the 2 best of books that are on the market at the moment.

Great days indeed though, sadly will never return...
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Old 03-10-2013, 13:49
Mr Sirs
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Join Date: Oct 2011
Posts: 2,204
Meant to mention that The Best Of Action by Titan Books is due to be published next August (2014). The ISBN is 978-18485-60260, rrp is 19.99 although it's available on pre order from Amazon at 13.39 & Book Depository at 14.99.

It will be interesting to see if it does appear next year, as already the publication date has been pushed back twice (originally due earlier this year).
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Old 04-10-2013, 20:51
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Action..what a legend, loved Joe Taggart and YoYo Devine in Death Game 1999.
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