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Vodafone Service Issues

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Old 21-08-2013, 17:37
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Anyone having Vodafone service issues? My phone wont connect. Also some friends phones arent working.
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Old 21-08-2013, 17:55
Everything Goes
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They have a service notice board....

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Old 21-08-2013, 19:55
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Mine is fine, its my BT Broadband that's off line today
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Old 21-08-2013, 20:56
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Im in Dundee and have had problems today. Total loss of signal for long spells and also when I have had a signal havent been able to use internet. Was worried it was due to the tin o soup which fell from a cupboard when I opened it and landed on the phone
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Old 22-08-2013, 06:12
Steven L Hunter
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Mines is ok now but yesterday it went between No Service to 2 bars 2G without Internet then 2G Internet worked after that. I think there is a problem in certain areas they are looking into.
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