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IPOD Docking station volume too loud

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Old 08-09-2013, 12:36
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This may seem strange but I listen to podcasts on a low volume through earphones as I'm going to sleep, it helps keep my mind from running over and over.

Earphones aren't the most comfortable things to wear while sleeping so I bought a docking station - Technika by Tesco - which has a 4W output. However the lowest volume setting is much louder than the lowest volume through headphones. I can't turn the volume any lower - even using the side volume controls on the ipod itself while on the docking station.

I may just have to move the docking station to the floor or further away, but I wondered if there's any way the preset volumes can be overidden?

Or maybe I'll have to muffle it with something?
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Old 13-09-2013, 13:37
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Maybe try plugging a pair of small speakers into the headphone socket?
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