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Motherboard failure

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Old 08-09-2013, 22:57
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I have an advent PC that I am trying to fix.

Motherboard has died and never replaced one on a branded PC. With the PC having a recovery partition to reload Windows 7, I am taking it you can't just throw any board in with right socket and ram requirements.

What do you actually do to sort it because pretty sure with being a 775 socket I can't get the same board any more.

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Old 08-09-2013, 23:17
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Ideally you would replace the board with the same one but that's not always possible especially with older ones.
If you can find a board with the same chipset on it then there is a good chance it will work.

The main problem is the Hdd controller, anything vastly different will cause windows to bluescreen and not boot, this will also render the recovery image useless as it will have been made that setup.

If you can get a board with a similar chipset there is a good chance it may work but you have no idea until you try.

If you can get the motherboard model you maybe able to find one on ebay or something.
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Old 09-09-2013, 08:38
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Windows may need a few reboots before it'll work but will report it's no longer licensed as it looks at the bios for special details to check and they won't be there with a generic motherboard but quite often you can just use the win 7 key on the machine and job done but you may need to phone up MS

Win 7 is a lot better than previous windows when it comes to moving motherboards etc but there is no guarantee that it'll work so before doing anything put the drive into a caddy and pull off any important data just in case
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