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Old 22-09-2013, 19:04
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I have a Samsung Note 10.1 with a Samsung USB adapter. I've just tested it for the first time prior to going on holiday in a few weeks and the built in Samsung gallery app won't let me scroll though photos or run a slideshow from this app. It detects a CF card OK through 'file manager' (not sure what it's really called!) and sees the photos from here but I can't select just the CF card in a card reader through the USB.

Is there any apps that'll enable me to do this, or how do you do it through the built in gallery app?
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Old 24-09-2013, 14:37
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quickpic will do this.

as will es file manager
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Old 24-09-2013, 14:46
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QuickPic is great.
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