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Virgin signal

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Old 25-09-2013, 22:07
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Both me and the wife have been with Virgin for YEARS on PAYG, and recently a 12 monthly NON contract. We've recently noticed the signal a lot worse than used to be, sometimes none at all for quite some time, and we live just outside London.

I'm thinking of getting rid our landline as we don't use it that much, but can we do anything re poor mobile signal with Virgin, or do we change to somebody else as we would then need a reliable signal? If we do change provider, who would be best for signal/deals?

95% of all calls and texts is just between me and the Mrs, I'd like to keep unlimited internet as well.

Many thanks for any suggestions.
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Old 25-09-2013, 23:52
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Virgin use T-Mobile & Orange signal so you will get the same coverage from these 3 providers.

The only other provider to offer unlimited data is Three and you would likely get almost identical 3G coverage from them also.

O2 & Vodafone do not offer unlimited data.

You can try ordering a free sim from Three and see if your signal improves any

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Old 26-09-2013, 00:13
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EE are currently switching off a lot of the Orange masts which has caused lot of coverage issues. It could be a technical problem locally too.
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Old 26-09-2013, 15:03
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If you are intending to use Mobile Broadband as a substitute for Home Broadband then its likely at some point that you will want to tether data to a PC / Laptop etc. Currently the only network which allows you to do this officially is Three on their One plan.

However I suggest that as with any network, you try the signal / speed on a rolling 30 day contract for a few months first, before committing yourself to a long contract or cancelling your landline service. Mobile Reception is highly variable and can literally change from one building to another, so what works well for somebody may not work as well for another person.

I also use '3' as my home internet connection, largely because I live in a rural location and only get 1mb/s via BT Landline -so I had very little to lose!!. But I have no regrets with my decision to do this so far, and enjoy being able to stream media without constant buffering for the first time.
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