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Original Mario 2 for the Gamecube?

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Old 26-09-2013, 16:10
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Hiya everyone,

Who remembers the original Mario 2 for thttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Super_Mario_Bros._2he old Nintendo consoles. This one:

I really want to play it, but the only console I have is the Nintendo Gamecube, the old snes consoles are too expensive to buy, so I am just wondering if it was ever put on a gamecube disc? As maybe part of a retro game thing maybe? It's probably a long shot but I thought I'd ask if anyone knows if it exists or not,

I've tried googling but couldn't find much..

Thanks everyone.
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Old 26-09-2013, 17:29
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Not to my knowledge. It's available on the Wii/WiiU/3DS e-shop though.
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Old 28-09-2013, 18:23
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The only way to play it on the Gamecube would be to buy a Gameboy Player and then a copy of Super Mario Advance.
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