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Gamepad repair/replacement?

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Old 07-10-2013, 21:55
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I wrote on the is the Wii U doomed thread in the main gaming section that I can get a Wii U basic with Lego City for 100.

I've decided to go for it but found out the reason why it's 100 - the gamepad doesn't show any picture.

The person that's selling it doesn't know what's wrong with it but is going to sell anyway as never play it and are going to get a XB1.

Is there anyway Nintendo can replace the pad or repair it if I buy it? Or is there any things I could do to try and get it working myself? I've checked to see if you can buy a pad but can't see anywhere that sells them.

Ultimately, is it worth a gamble?
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Old 07-10-2013, 22:23
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Since the Wii U has been out less than a year, it's still under warrenty, so as long as it wasn't broken due to neglect, with a receipt, Nintendo should fix it for free. Of course, if it is broken due to neglect, you'll probably have to pay for it to be repaired, how much will depend on the damage. It's been reported that Nintendo is selling replacement GamePads for $150.
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Old 07-10-2013, 23:40
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Ultimately, is it worth a gamble?

It is to big a risk, the person selling it could easily, as has been said, get a replacement as its still under warranty, the very fact they haven't should already be ringing alarm bells
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Old 08-10-2013, 07:51
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just get a new one, or at least get one from Grainger or CEX pre owned
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