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New iPads - 22nd of October

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Old 04-02-2014, 11:42
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Alan's argument is that the iPad (WiFi) ships with no GPS whereas the cheaper Hudl does.

Regardless whether you have GPS on board or not, you're still going to need a data connection to the internet to get the actual map, unless you're using a downloaded map database a la TomTom or Garmin.

So, assuming you're using the 'free' model of Google or Apple maps, you have to tether the tablet (iPad or Hudl) to a phone to get the map (a WiFi hot spot is not much use if you're heading down the M6); the phone (regardless of model) knows it's position anyway because it most likely has GLONASS and this is passed to the map app, which makes the need for GPS in the tablet rather redundant.

If, however, you choose to download map data from one of the providers then, yes, a Hudl makes for a better dedicated sat nav device as it knows it's position without the need for a data connection.

As most folks prefer the free maps offered by Google, I imagine the above use case to be fairly niche, but certainly do-able.

(AFAIK Google's navigation app calculates and downloads map data for the entire trip, meaning that if you lose the mobile signal, sat nav functionality will still work, unless of course there is a deviation from the route whereupon the app will try to pull route data from the internet.)
Ah, OK - thanks.
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Old 04-02-2014, 12:40
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Unless it has changed VERY recently Google maps do NOT do this by default - at least not on IOS! You have to explicitly download cached areas using the Easter egg "ok maps" in the search box.
Interesting and duly noted. I have used GMaps on Android as a sat nav replacement in the past and assumed this was the norm on both platforms.
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