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Old 19-10-2013, 19:39
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Here are the actors\actresses id love to see give these xmen characters a u agree? and \or what are your suggestions

Colossus - Matt Demon
Rogue - Rachel Bilson
Jean Grey - Alicia Witt
Cyclops - Jensen ackles Or Brant Daugherty (who do u prefer)
Nightcrawler - Peter Facinelli
Storm - Gabrielle Union
Beast - Gerard Butler
Quicksilver - andrew garfield
Wolverine - Karl Urban
Shadow cat - Lucy Hale
Mystique - Evan rachel adams
Angel - Ryan Phillipe
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Old 23-10-2013, 18:38
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Rachel Bilson is too limited to play Rogue. I don't think she'd be very good, but your other choices would be good.

She's too old now, but I reckon Eliza Dushku would have been great as Rogue.
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Old 05-01-2014, 16:34
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A few years ago I would've liked to see Angela Bassett as Storm.
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Old 07-02-2014, 21:32
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Matt Damon is far too old for Colossus.
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